I found myself forced to sort through the shades of grey between need, desire and perceived expectation. As the Moss family in the film Radiant City [Gary Burns/Jim Brown, 2006] parcel anecdotes of their suburban lifestyle, we see a whiteboard ...Read More


While at the Banff Centre yesterday, I saw a video entitled 'Popular Unrest' by artist Melanie Gilligan. Weaving a narrative of a surreal future in an ongoing financial crisis, a growing phenomenon called ‘grouping’ had drawn the characters in this video ...Read More


A pile on the street in front of a house on my block had a sign, “Free Dirt!” Excavated from a front yard lawn-to-vegetable-garden transformation, this soil was still full of use.  The give-away pile lasted for months without a ...Read More


We navigate private and shared spaces through gates and between fences. Our penchant for marking territory in our newly cultivated environment lies deep. We use gates to define communities, selective names to identify developments, and picket fences to divide public ...Read More


“We give medals to the firemen”…recognizing their capacity to jump into the mouth of life-threatening danger, saving lives, says Peter Robinson (CEO, David Suzuki Foundation) at a lecture at University of Calgary. He followed with, “Do we honor the building ...Read More


Abandoned big box monoplexes—windowless, concrete block 20,000+ square foot rectangles, single-story—are showing signs of emptiness in cities and suburbs across North America. Perhaps we should have heeded Larry Groce’s prescient warning that "We’ve been Malled" in his single released in ...Read More


A story was given to me when facing a challenging work environment. In this story, the wind and the sun were debating which of the two was stronger. Strength would be marked by power, established by a race to tear ...Read More

knowledge of how its grown informs how it tastes

Gleaning was once reserved for women and children who frugally collected scattered harvest remains after grain, separated from shaft, had been collected and stored. Agnes Varda jettisoned our Jean-Francois Millet gleaner preconception into an urban paradox with her 1999 film ...Read More


Weathered stone. Marked by the footprints of time. Sanded by years of rain and sun. Indentations as residue of footprints past. Who climbed these steps? We will not know. As we start our own ascent we too mark the time. steps: Cordoba, Argentina, in a public ...Read More


I am a walker with a walkman. My idea of a commute is a walk_train_bus combination. Subways are like entering an unknown dimension of a city.  It’s not that people act differently underground, but that we all share this space, ...Read More